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Aug 12 2008

The Best Laid Economic Plans Part I: John McCain


This two part series is meant to delve in to the finer points of the candidates’ economic plans. It may get a bit boring, but it’s meant to be more of a reference than an article. If there are inaccuracies that you find, please send concerns to Subject line: McCain Economic Plan. It is my goal to be as accurate as possible.

(Before you delve into this article, I wanted to make one thing clear about this issue, and it’s very important that everyone understand this. What we are talking about here, when you boil it down, are proposals for economic reform bills to be passed in Congress. It’s important to remember that the President has no authority to write law. As Jon Stewart wrote in “America: A citizens guide to inaction“, “Though the President is very powerful, He cannot make laws. The president can suggest laws. The President can call individual congressmen and threaten, beg, and cajole them to make laws. The President can use the bully pulpit and appeal directly to the people to ask congress to make laws.